Glossary of Terms


In our platform, “Topics” refer to categories and sub-categories that have been curated and organized to encompass a broad range of niche subjects, spanning from Art and Automobiles to Women Empowerment. You can explore the complete list of topics by visiting this link:


The term “Sources” in our platform refers to specific content sources, such as a website or RSS feeds, forums, discussion boards, and UGC sites. It is possible for a single source to appear in multiple related topics. If you cannot locate a desired source in the directory, you may add it yourself. We have a moderation process in place to ensure that new sources are included in relevant topics when added by users.

Content Stream

A “Content Stream” can be thought of as a project or workspace where you can organize and manage your curated content. You have the ability to create a content stream for a website, a client, or a specific social media channel. Within a content stream, you may add any number of topics to receive content updates and curate.

Social Networks

“Social Networks” refer to your social media accounts where you intend to share your curated content. Prior to connecting to a content stream, you must authorize your social media accounts. The following platforms are available for connection and publishing:

  • Facebook Pages and Groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn Profiles and Pages
  • WordPress sites

Stream Connections

“Stream Connections” represent the social media accounts, pages, or groups that you have linked to a stream for automatic publishing.