Join Curatora at Social Media Agency Summit on June 23, 2021

Co-Founder at Curatora.io
Jun 18, 2021
Curatora Partner Agency Summit 2021

An opportunity to meet and learn from the real experts in digital marketing space.

From live workshops, Q&A, and dozens of breakout sessions giving tremendous networking and learning opportunities sprinkled throughout the day. 

It’s all happening on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021.  A free online one-day event is equivalent to an intense, in-person conference that is going to fill your mind and nourish your creativity. It’s called the Agency Summit by Agorapulse.

Throughout the summit, you’ll be surrounded by peers and colleagues with whom you can network and engage. You would really appreciate and benefit from the agency owners who are thrilled to share their strategies and insights with you. 

These agency owners and industry experts are setting the bar high when it comes to building high-growth organizations, it’s 100% focused on helping you to grow and scale your digital marketing agency. 

We couldn’t be more excited to share that Curatora.io is a Preferred Agency Solution at this year’s Agency Summit! 

Grab your free tickets here: Agency Summit by Agorapulse.

Speakers and Sessions

  • How To Build a Scalable Sales System for Your Agency with Lee Goff
  • How to Unlock Strategy to Grow Your Agency with Robert Craven
  • How to Gain & Keep Clients With the Two Types of Customer Experience with Jay Baer
  • Agency Accelerated- the keys to building a profitable Agency with Jessika Phillips
  • How to Streamline Processes & Manage Time with Yvonne Heimann
  • How to Deliver Reports & Demonstrate ROI with Christopher Penn
  • How to Manage Client Communities with Jhennifer Mendez
  • How to Develop Brand Storytelling for Agencies & Clients with Miri Rodriguez
  • How to Pitch Prospects & Price Services with Stephanie Liu
  • How to Scale Your Agency Faster with Jason Swenk
  • Agency Contracts & Copyright Law with Mitch Jackson
  • How to Use Data to Create Content Your Audience LOVES with Anne Popolizio
  • How To Create Interactive Visual Content For Your Clients with Payman Taei
  • How to Market Your Agency As Well As Your Clients with Desiree Martinez
  • How to Keep Your Agency Relevant with Kevin Kwok
  • The Money Is In Your Existing Customers with Steph Hermanson
  • How to Grow Your Agency in a Post-COVID environment with Seth Rand
  • Unique Challenges & Opportunities of being a Digital Agency for Nonprofits with Natchi Lazarus
  • How To Run & Manage Challenges for Clients with Kelly Noble Mirabella
  • How To Manage FB Ads for Clients with Amanda Robinson
  • How To Increase Awareness & Traffic For Your Client’s Content with Benjamin Dell
  • Mindset Over Matter: How To Be Agile in your Agency with Dorien Morin-van Dam & James Tucker
  • How to Create & Plan Content That Converts with Amanda Sexton
  • Turn Your Clients’ Social Media Connections into Relationships with Michaela Underdahl
  • How To Manage Graphics For Multiple Clients with Annette McDonald
  • Agencies: How Can You Create THE Winning, Data-Driven Pitch? with Aurelien Blaha
  • How To Multiple Your Agency’s Revenue With Performance-based Retainers with Chris Rudolph
  • How AI-Powered Copywriting Can Drive Results for Your Clients with Inbar Yagur
  • Online Courses: A Growth Strategy To Leverage Your Expertise And Reach More Clients with Sean Scott
  • How to Leverage Powerful Audio for Your Clients with Kate Bradley Chernis
  • How to Add Remote Live Streaming Services for More Revenue with Katie Fawkes
  • 10 Video Editing Hacks Any Agency Must Use in 2021 with Kate Skavish
  • Crossing the AI Bridge: Four Trends Transforming Marketing and PR with Martin Waxman
  • How to Add Agency Revenue By Adding Social Media Services with Michael Angiletta & Andrew Miller
  • How to Encourage Client Referrals & More Testimonials with Jody Sutter
  • How to Create Cohesively Branded Comms Without a Designer with Alice Cooper
  • Why Every Agency Absolutely Needs to Blog (With Advanced Takeaways) with James Parsons
  • Boost your agency operations with AI with Maryna Burushkina
  • Instagram DM Automation: The Next Frontier for Digital Marketing Agencies with Andrew Demeter
Sessions and Speakers

Attend the Agency Summit to provide you with all the tools you need to:

  • Scale your agency
  • Price services effectively
  • Inspire client loyalty

Agency Summit 2021 is completely free to join and is a great way to expand your network! Get the latest insights from Agency Owners, and ask the questions important to you during the interactive Q&A.

Register for free tickets here: Agency Summit 2021 by Agorapulse.